On March 26, 2018 the conference «Fulbright Student Retreat 2018» held with the participation of US scientists was taken place at V.I. Vernadsky Taurida National University.

The project «Fulbright Student Retreat» is the most extensive and prestigious program for exchange students and young scholars, funded by the United States government.

There is nobody who will object to the fact that education is very important in a human life. So, if you get a working knowledge of English you will be successful in the future.

The students were provided with information about entrance requirements in accordance with Fulbright Graduate Student Program. Thus, they will be able to get an education in the USA after obtaining Bachelor’s degree.

This three-day conference gave students an opportunity to dive into the world of living language with American-speaking people. Conference guests got to know about University Strategy, Media Literacy and Advancing Energy Reform etc. Most of them participated in discussions about Russian disinformation in the Central and Eastern Europe and how young people can improve our society. All time during the conference the issue of Ukrainian education system was discussed on many occasions. The qualification of teachers is an essential aspect that affects the quality of education as a whole.

Our Students’ Media Center «Crimea» addressed to Elizabeth Fawcett (the teacher of London British School in Kyiv) to find out her opinion about future possible changes in the education system in Ukraine:

-To my mind, changes are possible but it will demand a tough reform in the education system in the coming time. It will happen soon if Ukrainian students are willing to make changes in their studying as well.

-How many students are going to the USA every year in accordance with your program?

-I don`t know because Marta Kolomayets ,the Director for Fulbright Student Retreat project, deals with the students who join our programme but I can say that their number is increasing every year.

In addition, during the seminar, U.S students and their Kyiv counterparts made presentations of their research findings and teaching experience.

For example, Taylor Gohnson (teacher at Richmond University) has presented her experience in creating and maintaining a positive atmosphere in the classroom. Her project is named «Keeping Students Interested». A few rules from her presentation are as follows: friendly and fun classroom environment; when it is possible, make lessons relevant; let students get to know you as well, but maintain a professional distance.

It was interesting to find out Elizabeth Fawcett’s first impression about Ukrainian people. It is hospitality and willingness to help that she immediately noticed in our fellow citizens. They managed to explain how to get out of the Kirovohrad region without knowledge of English! The Ukrainians used gestures and a map to show her the way. I «fell in love with Ukraine», Elizabeth said!

Marta Kolomayets emphasized that this project would be presented in Kirovohrad, Zaporozhye, Vinnitsa, Odessa in the coming time. Thus, the project organizers focus on involving a great number of students and young scholars in their project of getting an education in the USA.

The editor is Olga Yurchenko

The interviewers are Alex Sidorenko and Natalya Sudeyko

Reportag by Лика Иванова (Nataliya Sudeyko)

Photo by Alex Sidorenko and Nadezhda Ogorodnik