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      V. I. Vernadsky Taurida National University (TNU) is a higher education institution with a rich history and great academic heritage. At the time of the annexation of the Crimean Peninsula in 2014, the university had a total of 206 partner organizations from different parts of the world, 87 international projects and grants for international cooperation with universities in Germany, Greece, France, China and many other countries. All this made it possible to ensure not only a high level of providing educational services and decent conditions for increasing academic and scientific potential, but also to achieve worldwide recognition by the educational and scientific community.

      The relocation of TNU from the annexed Crimea to the city of Kyiv contributed to the continuation of the traditions of the educational institution. Despite the fact that contacts with some strategic partners were lost, the university continues to work on establishing new and restoring old ties. Currently, V. I. Vernadsky Taurida National University actively cooperates with about 40 higher education institutions and partner organizations, including representatives of Turkey (Bashkent University in Ankara, Akdeniz University in Antalya, Cappadocia University, Aegean University, Uludag University), China ( Wuhan Sports University, Henan Pedagogical University, North China University of Water Resources and Energy), Poland (University of Economics in Bydgoszcz, Lublin Polytechnic University, University of Management and Finance in Warsaw) and other countries. Agreements on joint participation with several foreign universities under the Erasmus plus program have already been signed. TNU also fruitfully cooperates with the British Council, the American Embassy, the Fulbright and Soros Foundation in various educational projects.

      Foreign students who appreciated the advantages and quality of education continue their studies at the restored university. V.I. Vernadskyi Taurida National University is re-establishing partnership ties with European universities so that its graduates can study under the double degree program.

    The strategic objectives of the international activity of V. I. Vernadsky TNU are to enter the global space of higher education by establishing partnership relations with international educational institutions and public organizations, improving the educational process, scientific and cultural activities in accordance with European world standards, initiating international academic mobility

      The Department of International Relations of V. I. Vernadskyi Taurida National University makes every effort not only to implement the strategy of international activities, but also to expand and strengthen the authority of the university in the international arena. In its activities, the department is guided by the current legislation of Ukraine, the Statute of V. I. Vernadsky TNU, the rector’s orders, decisions of the Academic Council, the Regulations on the Department of International Relations of the V. I. Vernadskyi Taurida National University, the Regulations on Academic Mobility of the Taurida National University V. I. Vernadskyi, the Internationalization Strategy of the V. I. Vernadskyi Taurida National University and other current regulatory and legal acts.

      Activities related to the establishment of international partnership relations with the aim of improving the educational process, academic mobility and scientific activity continue!


International Relations Department (Structural division of the university)


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